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New Zealand


This page is dedicated to the Lynskey’s that migrated from Ireland to New Zealand.


A number of individuals have put forth a tremendous effort in order to present this data, to them we should all be very grateful.  As with all efforts, it is a work in progress.  Corrections, updates, I remember stories, pictures, wav files, etc are always welcome at


Thank you to:

Peter John and Carole Lynskey

David Morel

Simon and Tiara Lynskey (now living in Australia)

Christine Sunderland & Heather Sullivan (sisters)

Megan Pledger

Vincent Adrian Lynskey (now living in Hawaii)

Paul Duffin

Lynskey - New Zealand Site Content                         


Thomas and Mary Rutledge Lynskey Tree

County Mayo, Eire.


Genealogy Information:

    Thomas and Mary Rutledge Lynskey Tree

* Due to privacy concerns - please reach out to me directly

    Megan Pledger tidbits

* NZ Birth, Brides, and Cemetery lists 

* Map of Regional Distribution of Lynskey Families in New Zealand: 1920 - 2000

    Children:    *  William Lynskey

                       *  Michael Lynskey

                       *  Edward Lynskey

                       *  John Lynskey

                       *  Sarah Lynskey

                       *  Jane Lynskey

                       *  Annie (Sister Zita) Lynskey

                       *  Mary Lynskey  (Stayed in Ireland)

                       *  Julia Lynskey (To America)


Family Tree Information:

    * William and Sarah Moran Lynskey:

        Genealogy Data:

·                     1939: Vincent Adrian Lynskey born.


    * Michael and Ellen Moran Lynskey:

        Peter John and Carole Lynskey Family             

            Genealogy Data:

·                     1837: Michael Lynskey story - transcribed version of the original by Peter John Lynskey

·         1859: Michael & Ellen Moran Lynskey marriage certificate

·                     1861: Mary Lynskey birth certificate

·                     1879: Thomas Lynskey birth certificate

·                     2000: Michael Lynskey Sr. & Jr. information - submitted by Megan Pledger



·                     1958:  Nel & Maurice Lynskey - John's Grandparents

·         1977:  Melanie at 2 years

·         1979:  Paula Marie Lynskey at 2 years

·         1985:  Simon John Lynskey at 5 years

·         1988:  Maurice & Ida Lynskey - John's parents.

·         1996:  John and Carol holding the "Ranfurly Shield" (aka "Log of Wood").

John says on July 13, 2000: "It is named after a Lord Ranfurly that donated it to NZ rugby a long time ago. It is the prize trophy that all unions in NZ hope to win. It is presently (July 2000) held by Waikato which is a Hamilton based team. They have about six defenses a year which they host.  These challenges take place during our NPC (National Provincial Competition) which runs through August and September. The shield generates what is known as "shield fever" and as a result full stadiums and street parades are all part of the norm. The photo of Carole and I was taken about four years ago when our province held the shield for three weeks. We gave it a night out !!!!!"

·         1999:  Melanie, Simon and Paula

·         2000:  Lynskey's Doyle - The official Lynskey Bull!

·         2000, June 17:  Hollymount, EIRE.

·         2000, June 23:  Connecticut. Deb Lynskey & Carole Lynskey.

·         2000, June 23:  Connecticut.  Trip through the country side.

·         2000, June 23:  John's map of Rugby as we "watched" the 'All Blacks' on the internet.  We attempted to find the game on American TV - but alas - where forced to "watch" a play by play commentator as he typed the game action on the internet.  Thought John and I were going to wear out my refresh key!

·         2000, June 24:  Connecticut.  Last day in Connecticut.

·         2000, June 24:  Slainte to John - Guinness!

·         2001, March:    Paula Lynskey - "Rose of Tralee Contestant"

·         2001, Aug 21:   Simon Lynskey & family - "21st Birthday"


        Simon James and Tiara Lynskey


·         1988: Tiara says on 7/17/2000, "Us Kiwis are rugby mad - I attached a photo of Simon with the treasured Bledisloe cup - this is all about Kiwi pride and an annual rugby battle against Australia.  What passion this particular competition sparks between the two countries!!"

·         1990: Desmond Patrick Lynskey - Simon's dad.

·         2000: Pictured are Caroline, Brandy (newest member of the family) and Corrine, tanned and happy from all the hot weather we've been having.

         Kevin and Jenny Lynskey


·         2000:  Kids in school picture.


    * Edward and Ann Theresa Moran Lynskey:

        Submitted by Heather Prentice Sullivan

            Genealogy Data:

·         1881: Edward & Ann Moran Lynskey, marriage cert

·                     1897: Ann Theresa Moran Lynskey, death cert

·         1917: Patrick William Lynskey, death certificate

·         1925: Edward Lynskey, death cert

·         1943: Mary Anne McHugh Lynskey, death notice

·         1960: Sarah Julie Lynskey, death cert

·         1998: Letter regarding Moran Sisters

·         2000: Edward Lynskey family history pg 1 - pg 2 - pg 3.

        Submitted by Paul & Suzi Duffin

          Family Photos:

·         2001:  Adam and Sarah

·         2002:  Sarah - Red Shorts

    * John and Bridget Joyce Lynskey:

        Submitted by David Morel

            John and Bridget children data:

·         1898: Thomas Lynskey grave marker

·         1951 & 1973: '51 Anne Lynskey & '73 Julia Lynskey grave marker

·         1973:  Julia Lynskey obituary

            Mary Lynskey and Cornelius O'Sullivan:

·         1898: Cornelius and Mary Lynskey O'Sullivan

·         1902: Cornelius and Mary Lynskey O'Sullivan and children Mary & Jack

·         1938: Two Letters from Patrick Conroy to Mary Lynskey O'Sullivan

·         1944: Mary Lynskey O'Sullivan grave marker

    * Sarah Lynskey and Bryan Flynn


    * Jane Lynskey and John Power


·         1992:  Power Surname.

    * Annie (Sister Zita) Lynskey


    * Mary Lynskey and Mr. Biggins


    * Julia Lynskey and Mr. Kelville



New Zealand Reference Material

    * Facts

    * Regional Map




·         Jason Taylor - "Hi Mum!": Trail Guide at Deep Hollow Ranch, Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY 11954 - 631-668-2744.  From Wellington, New Zealand; here in USA for summer.  Gave my niece Kameron Mele and myself a private beach ride on July 6, 2000.

·         Lynskey Wine:  Ray & Kathy Lynskey (working to obtain some information.)


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