Regional Distribution of Lynskey Families

Between 1861 and 1898, Michael, Edward, William and John Lynskey settled in New Zealand. Edward in Auckland and the other brothers just North of Christchurch, in Kaiapoi, Ohoka and Hawarden. The maps below shows how the Lynskey families have moved about New Zealand.

In the 1920 the families were still concentrated around Kaiapoi although there had been a moves to Wellington and Dunedin to teach and into Taranaki to farm.

The data was taken from the Wyses Directory for 1920 and each listing is considered a family. Edward and his daughter, Sarah Julia aren't listed and at the time they lived in Auckland. It is likely that there are other families who are not listed as well.
Lynskey Regional Map
Lynskey Regional Map In the 1955 the families were still concentrated around Canterbury and the families had expanded further in Wellington and Taranaki.

The data was taken from the Wyses Directory for 1955. Sarah Julia is also missing from this listing.
In the 2000 the families are well spread. However, like most of New Zealand, the Lynskeys have tended to move to the cities and drift North.

The info was taken from the phone book and each (non-work) phone number is considered a family. Families will be omitted from the display if they aren't in the phone book.

All errors and ommissions are well and truely my own work - Megan Pledger.
Lynskey Regional Map