Text of two letters sent to Mary O’Sullivan, nee Lynskey.
Transcribed by Dave Morel, 18 January 2001.

Mocarra Shrule
Oct 1st 1938

Dear Mrs O’Sullivan,
I got the surprise of my life when I received your letter after over 40 years, since ye all left here. Ye never sent a line to a friend or neighbour every one of the neighbours used to enquire with your friends and no one got a letter. Your father used to write to Pat Noone but we never heard about how ye got on. We heard one of ye write to the Teacher in Cross some time ago.
We and all the neighbours are delighted to get a letter from ye at long last and hope ye are all in good health, as all are here. I will tell you all that lives in the village now. Michael and Mary lives here with me, none of us got married. John Henehan was married in his own home his wife died and he has 4 daughters. Mrs John Varrilly Maney I mean is in her own home with one son and daughter the son was married and his wife died he has 3 little boys. Dilly the Peelers wife is in her own home she has 2 daughters and 2 sons home and 4 daughters in New York. The Peeler was out there and he died there.
Your home is not much changed only the house is knocked down there is a nice ash tree growing in the room and a holly tree growing in the garden.
The land is well kept one of the Grehan girls got it from her father as a fortune and she married one of John Cavanaghs sons in Cahernabruck they are living in Travers’es house in Shrule.
Patie Doolley is living in Maryanne’s house in Boherbee and is married to one of the Grehan girls. Thomas Kevill is living in his home he did not get married. Sarah Biggins your cousin came home from there and married Pat St Ledger Higgins she has a son out there and one and 1 daughter home. Maggie married James McDonagh her neighbour the are living in Shrule. Denis was married in the home the had no family and he died last year.
Bridget Joyce that was down in Killkerin got married down near Ballinrobe there is one son in the home he is not married that is your Uncle Jimmy’s family some of them died. Your Uncle Mick’s son is married in his home and one of his sisters died and the other is living with the brother. Mary met her in Ballinrobe lately. She was talking of ye. Peggy Moran in Powl. is living down with her brother now she was old and not able to do for herself. Tom Byrne died last week he was 100 years. Pat Noons grandson was ordained a priest lately he is gone out to the Philippines on a Mission. I hope you and Bridget, Anne and Julia and Kate are in good health. Many a time when all the Neighbours gather do we all talk of ye all.
Good bye to ye all from all here. Mary will write to you some time.

Your sincere friend

Pat K Conroy

Mocarra Shrule
Dec 9th 1938
Dear Mrs O’Sullivan
I told Pat to tell you I would write to you although I don’t remember you, but I have heard your name, Mary Lynskey so often I think I know you very well. Everyone in this village was so delighted when you write to Pat as if you appeared to them personally and as for the name we mention it times every day. It’s down at Lynskeys or coming up at Lynskeys & so on every day. There are a lot of changes since ye left lots of slated houses all round and we have a good road coming each way to the village.
I am sure ye would not live here now it does appear so backward to anyone that travelled. Our John, Delia and Thomas are out in California. Delia is married she has 2 girls and a boy died. Thos or John did not get married at all neither did any of us here. We have a nice slated house built this long time and of course we are getting old.
Dear Mary we would be glad to keep you here for a few months if you liked to come to visit when the summer does be here, from May to September. You would have a nice visit. Ellen Henehan and Mary Varilly was home about 6 years ago. Ellen H. died 2 years ago. Pat Henehan is living in Headford he has a pub there he is married to Mary Walsh. Frank if you remember her. Our Kate died 6 years ago. She was continually talking of you. Dear Mary I hope you will send me your photo and also the photos and news of all the rest of the family.

Best wishes for a Happy Xmas from P. me & Maya Conroy and everyone here.
P.S. I will get this letter going by air. It will only take 18 days.