Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 21:03:10 +1300

From: Megan Pledger




A kind person did a look-up for me in a book on Kaiapoi. There was this paragraph (written in 1941)



Was one of Kaiapoi's most popular school teachers. His father also Michael Lynskey was for a long time clerk of the court here (Kaiapoi).  Mr. Lynskey junior was a popular teacher and taught the 4th standard where his lucid methods of teaching and kindly manner endeared him to the children.  Mr. Lynskey later became an inspector and retired to Timaru.  Other teachers in the family were James  (for many years 'head' at Petone) and Miss Annie. The latter must not be confused with a lady of the same name but a daughter of Mr. William Lynskey.



Petone is in Wellington.


A J.H. Lynskey (from Wellington) was a selector for the All Blacks in 1914 for the tour of Australia. (Ref: Centanary, 100 years of All Black Rugby. R.H.Chester & N.A.C. McMillan and Brian Dunlop)


They are possibly the same people as Brian thinks J.H.L. was associated with the Petone or Poneke football club.


In the births register there was a James borh in 1881 and that would tie in with this time-frame i.e. he would be 34 years old as a selector and 60/retired in 1941.


There is also a Sarah Lynskey who was a bride in 1874 and this is possibly Thomas and Mary's daughter.


The reference to Michael (junior) being a teacher and school inspector was what my family told me prior to seeing this in the book.