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Charles Lynskey

    27 Fire Tower Road - Killingworth, CT

    1997:  The Stone Wall about 1/3 done   

    2000:  September: The Stone Wall - 1st section done

    2000:  September: The Stone Wall - from inside of yard.

    2000:  September 23: O'Malley's with the Carillo's   *


Janice Lynskey Jamrosz and Steve Jamrosz and their angels:  Nick, Jessica and Mike!

    1997:  Tree Monkey's at Chuck's House

    1999:  Fair warning - they have hockey sticks in their hands!

    2000:  Tree Monkey's at Chuck's House   

    2000:  More Tree Monkey's at Chuck's House   

    2000:  On the barn   


Mike and Donna Lynskey:  Michael Jr. and Connor

    1999:  Mikes family as of Oct 24, 1999

    1999:  Mike's Barn!

    1999:  The Hinckley Bed and Breakfast

    1999:  Lynskey family at Mikes - Oct 24, 1999

    2002:  May 01 - Meghan


William Charles and Carol June Pratt Lynskey

    1935:  Lucille Robinson & William Gaston Lynskey and son William Charles Lynskey - Fall of 1935.

    1937:  William Charles Lynskey.

    1939:  William Charles Lynskey with his Grandma Robinson.


William Gaston and Lucille Lynskey

    191?:  Martin, Gaston and Anne Lynskey - children of William Edward Lynskey

    1924:  Gaston with Foreman and Biller Tree Service

    1928:  Gaston's motorcycle, Lucille, Anne Biller and Charles Biller

    1928:  Gaston's motorcycle, Charles Biller

    1930:  Gaston's motorcycle and Bill of Sale

    1934:  1935? - Mr. & Mrs. John Lynskey and Mr. & Mrs. William Edward Lynskey

    1950:  June: National Geographic Magazine, Mount Vernon, Washington, DC. - Gaston installing Lighting protection.

    1963:  Christmas family picture

    19??:  Shirley Communion - Hey Shirley, you can thank your brother "Billy" for this one!

    199?:  Lucille Lynskey and son William Charles Lynskey


Martin Carroll & Catherine O'Grady Lynskey

    Gravesite in Danville, VA

    1849 - 1862:  Martin Carroll and Catherine O'Grady Lynskey.


Earl and Gail Lynskey Kids

    1981 - Bill, Grandma and Grandpa Lynskey, Earl Lynskey: Family Reunion in Danville, VA.

    196?:  Edward Charles Lynskey

    196?:  William Edward Lynskey

    196?:  Linda Ann Lynskey

    19??:  Karen Louise Lynskey - (Karen do you have one you care to give up?)


Lydia Flanders Gallant baby picture

    4th Generation picture with Brigid Delia Agnes Brett Lynskey


John Joseph and Delia Williams Lynskey.  Submitted by Michael W. Lynskey Jan 07, 2000.

    Separate pictures of  John and Delia and a 3rd picture (very old) of Martin Carroll and Catherine O'Grady Lynskey.


William Wallace and Ruby Lynskey, (Williams mom) Laura (Katy) Katherine Drake Lynskey, and (Williams sister) Catherine.

   Submitted by Louise Brockway Thedford on May 13, 2000


Patrick and Mary Coen Lynskey.  2 daughters: Bride Lynskey and Annie Lynskey

   Annie Teresa (Nancy) Lynskey Connolly.  Submitted by Betty Connolly, London, Eng on Oct 08, 2001


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